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Stop CT Cuts

Immediate Action Needed by CT Department of Social Services

The CT Medicaid Program Must Delay Just-Announced Major Cuts to Durable Medical Equipment, Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Supplies

To avoid catastrophic access issues for Connecticut Medicaid beneficiaries, the Department of Social Services must issue an immediate delay in proceeding with the just-announced April 1, 2018 cuts and provide a 90‐day period for further review and analysis. This will allow medical professionals, providers, beneficiaries, and other impacted parties to meet with the Department to share details regarding the impact on access and on overall state health care costs. At the end of this period, the Department will be in an informed position to determine what actions are in the best interests of the State and of the children and adults enrolled in the Medicaid program. 

Take Action Today!

Use the links below, enter your address to determine your legislative district, and follow the instructions provided to request that your State Legislators and other policy makers push the Department of Social Services to grant this delay.